fredag 28 april 2017

My 3:rd visit to Maria R.

Psychic consultation (Channeling)3rd visit to Maria R. on 6-12-2004
First you will get a greeting, Lizzie, it's Lord Maitreya, who speaks. He looks forward to answering your questions, he say. We are looking forward to your progress and all your writing. You are so responsive, you pay attention to the voices from within, from the spiritual world, and we are grateful for all your work and the time you spend on finishing the book. Again, we rejoice in your progress, and you will know that you have all the protection and all the guidance you need in your work. Then he asks you to start with the questions.

Have I been up in a spacecraft?

Yes, you have also been. You do not have star-origins, I hear, but you're working with them too, with those people who have star folk origin (starseeds) . You are as a global network, a network that spans several different dimensions and different places in the universe, solar system and planetary systems just to help the earth. You cooperate with the good ones. Those who are here for a good purpose, so you have not been abducted against your will by these aliens and these spaceships, but it's a collaboration.

Am I in the 4th or 5th dimension?

You are in the 5th dimension to help those who are still in the 3rd dimension up to the 4th dimension. The incarnated angels is a step ahead. The ascension occurs within you. Those who fail to go up to the 4th dimension, they will get sick and sift out, a separation will occure, in a natural way, for it is the thought and meaning now that the earth in the future will be a paradise where people Living in peace and harmony with each other, and those who do not really manage it, they will be sealed out and gain new chances in new incarnations. It is important for the earth's survival, that peace and harmony can be enjoyed here.

What level am I from 1 to 12?

I'll get the 10th.

What will happen 2012 in the Grand Canyon?

Maitreya says this: "There will be a big angel meeting there. Various incarnate angels will meet, have a counsel, meditate together in a large group and help the earth in the new era, up to the 5th dimension."

Is there a difference between the physical bodies of humans and incarnated angels?

Yes, so it is, he says. To make a long story short, I'll take short and concise. Vibrations are different in these different bodies, who have different origins. A human being with angelic origin has a higher vibration in his body. People with  Earth-humans origin are heavier and coarser in their vibration. Nothing is better than the other, but it's like a comparison, so you'll understand the difference

Angels stand easier in covenants, in communication with the spiritual world because they have a higher vibration and have the ability to ease these contacts, to see and hear the messages from the spiritual world. Earth people have a longer development. You can perceive it as a slower development. It is not as fast for them. They may need to incarnate many times to come up with the same ease in the body as an angel has. Thus, many incarnations are required to get the spiritual contact of a human being. An angel naturally has this contact within him from the beginning.

If the bird flu comes, can we angels cure it, and should we be vaccinated?

Do not worry, Lizzie. Healing is an excellent suggestion; Those who get this disease, it's just those who need help to get up in higher vibration. It may also happen that some of you who have a higher vibration can get it, but only if you are tired, depressed and stressed. Therefore it is so important to have inner harmony and balance and not to get sick. Live a good life and take care of yourself the best way. Vaccination is a choice you can do if you want to vaccinate yourself, but it's nothing you see as a necessity, but strong up, feel joy in your everyday lives. Then he shows up a jar of Propolis tablets. You can have these at home.That those who are meant to get the flu, they will receive it, even if they are vaccinated. There is a bit of mass hysteria with vaccinations, but those who are vaccinated and are meant to have it, will still get the disease, they will still get it. Vaccination does not raise their vibration. Human thinking, human perception. It's more of a mental thinking to do that, you think you should not get sick because you are vaccinated, and you will not be as ill.

Regarding the seven rays. What beam am I connected with?
You have a very strong connection with Michael, and it is the 1st beam, and you are also with Maria on the 5th beam. Mary stands for mankind, the healing power.

When I went with Jesus in Golgata, who was I and what was my name then?

I see you as a woman. The picture came very fast. The name I get is Salome, a common name at that time. I see you wearing dark clothes. You have a veil wrapped around your head and long suit, any dress of darker fabric. You followed the master and were around and listened to his message. You followed from place to place. You felt that what he preached gave a positive reverberation in your heart. You felt it was true, that it was truth, and you were already thirsting for knowledge, "said Maitreya to you. You searched for the truth. You wanted something more out of life than just living a normal daily life.

You understood that there was another dimension to life as well. You already searched for your spiritual origin. You had previous incarnations in Egypt and also there had a spiritual applicant and even at Atlantis, as you asked in advance, and therefore you were a spiritual seeking person alive, even during Jesus' time. I see you quite close to Jesus, so you were not far away in the big mass which he had no personal contact with, but I could see you about a two to three meters away from him, so he had a closer relationship with you , A more personal relationship, and so it is today. Therefore, you can convey his words into your texts. It's easy for you to tune in to his vibrations and the contact because you've had it physically once in a while.

Have I had a relationship with Maria R. in previous life?

Yes, says Maitreya, she has been your daughter.

Have I had relationships with others in the meditations or the courses?

Yes, he says, it's a single snoring. I see pictures of different threads between these people. There are very many threads that go between different people in the group.

In what life was Maria my daughter?

It was in Egypt in one of your many lives in Egypt.

Are any of my three daughters angels?

What I get, that's Suzi. She's an angel.

Are any of my grandchildren angels?

Now comes the names: Tobias and Emelie.

Are Lykke and Rikke Earth People?

They have star folk origin (starseed). They have lived many times on earth.

When I meditated, I walked in a long golden corridor, where angels floated around, and at the end of the corridor there was a golden throne, where there was a very large light.
What did this mean?

You visited the kingdom of angels, hence all those whom you saw winged and this one who sat on a throne. It was a great powerful throne-angel, those who are very close to God. There is another picture here. You have a total turn, you can say. It has happened so much to you and within you. You've got an incredible opening, once you've started to do the tasks, which you are meant to do. So there is no return now, to go back to the old one. An awakening, really, and so it should be, and so it will remain. You are walking your way, and there will be several books, several paintings will also come.