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My 1:st visit to Maria R.

Selected pieces from my 3 consultations at Maria R. They are recorded in full on cassette tapes.My first visit to Maria R. on Johannes Baptist's Day 24-6-2004:

I would like to know, who is my spiritual guide?

You have a spiritual guide, called Horatius, and he appears to me like an old Roman Greek man with a toga, you know, from this time far back when the Romans ruled in the world. He follows you as a spiritual guide, and he has a lot of knowledge to tell you. He has the main responsibility for you, he says, but you also have several others with you. You have other spiritual guides, and you also have guardian angels with you.You're one of Mary's angels, you're an incarnated angel, Lizzie. You've had a lot of trouble in this life many times because of your angelic origin. It's a hard time we live in. People speak very hard words to each other, sharp elbows. As an angel, it is often difficult to be among these people, because it is so cold, there is no love there; But that's why you're here - to spread God's love, spread love from Mary.
It's now time for you to unfold your angel wings, it's like they've been a little ´under´ your back, but it's time now to realize who you are and why, you're here on earth,
Then it becomes easier for you, easier to understand why you react as you do, what people say to you and the behavior people have.

Who are my guardian angels?

I see now, that they show themselves to me. On your left side you have your female guardian angel. She calls herself Thea. She appears in a white screw, a white dress and has a bit darker brown hair. She radiates a lot of wisdom and calm. She says she would like to inspire you to get started with the writing. She follows you and would like to advise you on things that you need to get guidance about. She is very objective and is like a huge cliff to lean towards when you need support in life.
I'm going over a little bit and looking at your right side and watching how your male guardian angel looks like.
He turns out to me like a little longer angel, and he has more blond curly hair and big blue eyes. He turns out in a white screw. He has a lot of humor and would like to help you get a more happy mind, to look a little easier on life in the different situations that arise. He also has a lot of power and strength. He belongs to Archangel Michael's legion of angels. That is why he has the strength and power. He also stands for your protection. He protects you very well. You can call him Thomas, he says.

In the second regression I had, I saw a woman and a man who was sitting in front of a house and drank coffee.
I thought she looked liked my grandmother. Did I see my grandmother on the other side?

No, they say. You saw her in an earlier incarnation, and she appeared so that you understood who she was. You have been followed before. She says this: She was your grandmother.
She is following you too, she says.
She shows here, that she is also around you. She has, Yes, I called her my grandmother. I loved my grandmother. She has a very good eye to you, she says.

When I watch TV in the evening, I often feel cold around me. Is it a spirit, if so who?

They say this: It's quite right, Lizzie, that you feel that a spirit is with you when you feel like that. It's as if it's getting windy and cooler. You know this change of energy around you. They say this, that is often your grandmother.

I wonder who sprinkled water on me when I sat on the terrace an early morning?
There was a lot of water from a place where there was no water. So I became very wet and quite surprised?Horatius says this: I admit my guilt. You also have Thomas with you there. They had a small upturn. They thought that; now she wakes up and starts to understand who she is and why she is here. Now they thought it was time for you to wash yourself clean and put on new clothes. They would like you to get started with this writing. They think it's important that you start, and dare to do it. They are laughing and saying something like this, that you can see it as a spiritual baptism.

Should I go courses?

Yes, you can, if you want, go courses to learn the basics. You already have the ability and the power within you, so you do not really need to go to activate it, but more to get a sense of self-confidence and some guidance on how to proceed. It will be a bit easier for you, he says.
I'm coming in here, Lizzie, that you're welcome, if you know because it comes with meditation groups in Jönköping to get this contact with people who are also spiritual seekers.
I get the name Ola. Have you ever visited his shop?

Is it Odd?

Yes, Odd books and so on, because he's a little bit like the spider in the web, you know. He knows a lot about courses and talks that are taking place around. He is in a meditation group on Monday evenings in Jönköping in the fall and winter and spring. In that group, feel that you would like to join if you feel like it.I also get a name on Ilse. She usually participates in this group and meditates. She is doing a bit of everything possible, bl. A. With ceramics, I know. She lives outside Jönköping, near Lekeryd, I think it's called. She comes up several times for me here. I think she would be a very fun contact for you to have, a very nice woman. I think she may be in your age. She is from Germany: Ilse Roos, and she has lived in Sweden for many years. It feels like you could inspire each other. You will receive inspiration from the entire group in Jönköping.

I am grateful for the information I have received today, and just for the moment I have no more questions.They say this: "It's enough for today. Now you go home and melt it, "they say," make it sink into you and get a deeper inner truth and understanding of who you are. It's important, you understand, you're an incarnate angel. "He also says that Maria R. is also an incarnate angel. She can always call if there is anything you want to discuss angel and angel between. How to deal with life and people. Now you finally give them a stack of paper and then, such a nice pen you can write with. They would like to inspire you to get started writing and continuing with your artistic creation and painting.

26-1-2005Comments I received at a later time:Horatius: Dear Lizzie, do not stay back, that's right. Step forward and be proud of who you are. Truth is always right. You do not realize your greatness here on earthly planet. Stick to the truth and spread the message. Everyone will come to insight eventually, but it's good that you sow seeds that can grow bigger and stronger. It's quite right, Lizzie, that Ola and Maria, who have been your children in previous lives, will support you in your great tasks that you have on earth, and you will help them a lot too. Happiness laughs at all of you. Do not hesitate to do this.


That's right, what Horatius says. You should not hold back the truth about who you are. This message has to be spread, so the insight of others wants to emerge. You have great tasks here on earth and need all the love and support you can get. It will eventually prove that you were right all the time, and it will be revealed to those who misled you and your noble purposes. Tread for your like-minded and tell.

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My 2:nd visit to Maria R.

What is my angel name?
I get a name called Didarion.

Have I always been an angel?
Yes, from the first origin.

Where am I between the incarnations on Earth?

Then you are in the angelic kingdom, the kingdom that exists in the spiritual spheres, or as we can call it, in heaven. There you have your spiritual restingplace, though you are not so much at rest when you are there, but you are among like-minded, among other angels. There is a lot of love and a lot of light. There are no heavy energies there. Everything is very loving. There you recover and gain new power until you go down again in a new incarnation.

Have I been incarnated on other planets?

Yes, you have been incarnated on other planets, including Venus, I feel very strong.

What changes will happen in the near future?

There will be major changes on earth, both in terms of climate factors, and in terms of human conditions. There will be more war and different epidemics and various diseases that people will not be able to find a cure for. The only thing that can cure the disease is healing and love. Healing is really pure love energy, and it can be helpful in these diseases. People will get sick if they can not keep up with the elivation of frequency that will happen on earth. They need to open their hearts and radiate love to others and to themselves to be able to cope with the rise in frequency.The earth also undergoes a rise in frequency and thus the people who can not increase their frequency and follow the frequency of the earth will get diseases and suffer, because they can not survive on earth, and live in the higher frequencies. They can not keep up with the acceleration of the vibration within their molequeles. and will "shake apart" can we say, from within the cellular level. Then there are diseases, and the only way in which they can follow is to raise themselves by being more loving of themselves and others, for love is the signature melody that will prevail on earth in the future. The earth shall be cleansed from all the unclean, from all wars, misery, diseases, and egocentric will, which governs many people today. Everything will be based on love and the thought of his neighbor.

Is it a children's book, I will write, and shall I illustrate it?

Yes, Christ is here again and tells you, Lizzie: "Yes, that's right. You have perceived it correctly, so continue to enforce, so it will be a concrete action. You will get your result.

When should I start?

You will feel in your heart when it's time when you feel ready When your desire and desire are so strong that you can not stay away anymore, he says.We can choose to create pain in our lives, and we can choose to create a good life. We do not need to walk in our ancestral tracks, because there has been war and misery earlier. We do not need to continue that tradition, but we can create a new life and get rid of revenge. Teach us the importance of the word: ´Forgiveness´, it can pave the way to peace, and this is important for children to learn. Here, you also have a mission with your books to convey the message, how we create peace on earth so that the new generation's children get this knowledge at an early age.

It was said that grandmother and I have had several incarnations together?

It is true, you have been following eachother through many lifetimes. You have had several incarnations. You have also given strength to each other during these incarnations. She has been a support for you many times, someone lean towards, when there have been difficulties.

Have I had incarnations with my mother, Lilly?

Yes, one life have you had together before. You have not been together so many times before. Your grandmother is the one who has followed you the most.

I want to ask about my grandson Linus, 10 years old. He is afraid when he is going to sleep. What scares him?

What I am told is that he is a sensitive child. He can also have experiences from the other world. He can easily see these shadows from people who have not got peace since they have died; They are earthbound beings. He can also feel their energy, and he feels uncomfortable when there are those in the room. What you can do is to ask Archangel Michael to protect him, and that he also cleans up in the room when he is going to sleep and protect him so he does not get these contacts. Then you wonder how he is in school, when he's a bit sensitive.

your daughter if the children are kind to him at school. It is also true that he is sensitive to different expressions that he may be involved in during the day, and it stresses his nervous system. He has trouble getting to sleep in the evening, hard to fall asleep. It can be seen as a combination of several factors. He would need help getting more calm in the evening, not watching TV late, before going to bed.
He maybe should read something before going to sleep, or take a shower, or eat something, something that calms him down. He have to much inner stress and have a hard time to fall asleep.

(Lizzie: I was told later that the cause of his problem was that he is an incarnate nature, which one would not believe.) It's not funny when you do not believe in the words of truth. Therefore, I write that everything is on tape, and you are welcome to listen to them. Hope this can help others who have a child who sees vagaries and others)

Does the spiritual world want to say something to me?
Horatius comes here with a arm full of flowers, beautiful roses to you. He puts a rose behind your ear like this. He wants you to straighten your back and stand tall, not that you are more than others, but that you honor yourself and are proud and happy that you have understood who you are. That you have found home to yourself. It's not everyone who does that in a lifetime. They can feel a strong inner longing without knowing who they are or why they are here. He also feels a joy now because you have woken up and realized who you are and that you have a mission.

He says that he will guide you all the way, and that he will be with you as support, strength and inspiration. He also gives you a pen, a beautiful old-fashioned pen with a big goose feather, and it's so beautiful, the white color of the feather. A big feather it is, and it is a symbol of the writing that you have for you. What will come when you get ready and it can flow through you. You can take a small exercise pass, he says, when you meditate first, ask for protection, ground yourself and meditate. See if you are prompted to take the pen and start typing.

Now let's see: Maria is behind you too. She shows herself with her angel wings. She puts them around you with her hands, and she puts her hands over your hands; Then she turns your hands symbolically and together, then she puts her gift to you there. I see it like a big crystal ball, a bullet - and you can, says Maria, reduce and get into your heart so you can find your way clearer and clearer, so you can see clearer. You also get a light that burns. I see a golden circle with a golden cross in. There are symbols that you can feel in your heart what they mean to you. It may happen that they come back in your meditation when painting or writing.

My 3:rd visit to Maria R.

Psychic consultation (Channeling)3rd visit to Maria R. on 6-12-2004
First you will get a greeting, Lizzie, it's Lord Maitreya, who speaks. He looks forward to answering your questions, he say. We are looking forward to your progress and all your writing. You are so responsive, you pay attention to the voices from within, from the spiritual world, and we are grateful for all your work and the time you spend on finishing the book. Again, we rejoice in your progress, and you will know that you have all the protection and all the guidance you need in your work. Then he asks you to start with the questions.

Have I been up in a spacecraft?

Yes, you have also been. You do not have star-origins, I hear, but you're working with them too, with those people who have star folk origin (starseeds) . You are as a global network, a network that spans several different dimensions and different places in the universe, solar system and planetary systems just to help the earth. You cooperate with the good ones. Those who are here for a good purpose, so you have not been abducted against your will by these aliens and these spaceships, but it's a collaboration.

Am I in the 4th or 5th dimension?

You are in the 5th dimension to help those who are still in the 3rd dimension up to the 4th dimension. The incarnated angels is a step ahead. The ascension occurs within you. Those who fail to go up to the 4th dimension, they will get sick and sift out, a separation will occure, in a natural way, for it is the thought and meaning now that the earth in the future will be a paradise where people Living in peace and harmony with each other, and those who do not really manage it, they will be sealed out and gain new chances in new incarnations. It is important for the earth's survival, that peace and harmony can be enjoyed here.

What level am I from 1 to 12?

I'll get the 10th.

What will happen 2012 in the Grand Canyon?

Maitreya says this: "There will be a big angel meeting there. Various incarnate angels will meet, have a counsel, meditate together in a large group and help the earth in the new era, up to the 5th dimension."

Is there a difference between the physical bodies of humans and incarnated angels?

Yes, so it is, he says. To make a long story short, I'll take short and concise. Vibrations are different in these different bodies, who have different origins. A human being with angelic origin has a higher vibration in his body. People with  Earth-humans origin are heavier and coarser in their vibration. Nothing is better than the other, but it's like a comparison, so you'll understand the difference

Angels stand easier in covenants, in communication with the spiritual world because they have a higher vibration and have the ability to ease these contacts, to see and hear the messages from the spiritual world. Earth people have a longer development. You can perceive it as a slower development. It is not as fast for them. They may need to incarnate many times to come up with the same ease in the body as an angel has. Thus, many incarnations are required to get the spiritual contact of a human being. An angel naturally has this contact within him from the beginning.

If the bird flu comes, can we angels cure it, and should we be vaccinated?

Do not worry, Lizzie. Healing is an excellent suggestion; Those who get this disease, it's just those who need help to get up in higher vibration. It may also happen that some of you who have a higher vibration can get it, but only if you are tired, depressed and stressed. Therefore it is so important to have inner harmony and balance and not to get sick. Live a good life and take care of yourself the best way. Vaccination is a choice you can do if you want to vaccinate yourself, but it's nothing you see as a necessity, but strong up, feel joy in your everyday lives. Then he shows up a jar of Propolis tablets. You can have these at home.That those who are meant to get the flu, they will receive it, even if they are vaccinated. There is a bit of mass hysteria with vaccinations, but those who are vaccinated and are meant to have it, will still get the disease, they will still get it. Vaccination does not raise their vibration. Human thinking, human perception. It's more of a mental thinking to do that, you think you should not get sick because you are vaccinated, and you will not be as ill.

Regarding the seven rays. What beam am I connected with?
You have a very strong connection with Michael, and it is the 1st beam, and you are also with Maria on the 5th beam. Mary stands for mankind, the healing power.

When I went with Jesus in Golgata, who was I and what was my name then?

I see you as a woman. The picture came very fast. The name I get is Salome, a common name at that time. I see you wearing dark clothes. You have a veil wrapped around your head and long suit, any dress of darker fabric. You followed the master and were around and listened to his message. You followed from place to place. You felt that what he preached gave a positive reverberation in your heart. You felt it was true, that it was truth, and you were already thirsting for knowledge, "said Maitreya to you. You searched for the truth. You wanted something more out of life than just living a normal daily life.

You understood that there was another dimension to life as well. You already searched for your spiritual origin. You had previous incarnations in Egypt and also there had a spiritual applicant and even at Atlantis, as you asked in advance, and therefore you were a spiritual seeking person alive, even during Jesus' time. I see you quite close to Jesus, so you were not far away in the big mass which he had no personal contact with, but I could see you about a two to three meters away from him, so he had a closer relationship with you , A more personal relationship, and so it is today. Therefore, you can convey his words into your texts. It's easy for you to tune in to his vibrations and the contact because you've had it physically once in a while.

Have I had a relationship with Maria R. in previous life?

Yes, says Maitreya, she has been your daughter.

Have I had relationships with others in the meditations or the courses?

Yes, he says, it's a single snoring. I see pictures of different threads between these people. There are very many threads that go between different people in the group.

In what life was Maria my daughter?

It was in Egypt in one of your many lives in Egypt.

Are any of my three daughters angels?

What I get, that's Suzi. She's an angel.

Are any of my grandchildren angels?

Now comes the names: Tobias and Emelie.

Are Lykke and Rikke Earth People?

They have star folk origin (starseed). They have lived many times on earth.

When I meditated, I walked in a long golden corridor, where angels floated around, and at the end of the corridor there was a golden throne, where there was a very large light.
What did this mean?

You visited the kingdom of angels, hence all those whom you saw winged and this one who sat on a throne. It was a great powerful throne-angel, those who are very close to God. There is another picture here. You have a total turn, you can say. It has happened so much to you and within you. You've got an incredible opening, once you've started to do the tasks, which you are meant to do. So there is no return now, to go back to the old one. An awakening, really, and so it should be, and so it will remain. You are walking your way, and there will be several books, several paintings will also come.